Implant Blanks
Zellwerk GmbH supplies customized implant blanks from Sponceram® and other materials for research use. Blanks for medical use are in preparation. Implant blanks are easily colonized in our Z® RP Bioreactor equipped with implant-specific holding fixtures. E. g. is a moulded carrier of Sponceram® HA covered by primary chondrocytes embedded in their own collagen matrix. Under appropriate cultivation conditions these chondrocytes express Collagene II and Glucosamine Glucanes in physiological ratios indicating in vivo-like differentiation. Implant blanks made from Sponceram® are ideally suited to generate bone-like structures after colonisation with osteoblasts which calcificate even without addition of specific growth factors.
SEM capture of chondrocytes in ECM, long-term culture on Sponceram® HA surface (5000-times magnification)
Cartilage layer, grown in vitro on Sponceram® HA cell carrier (courtesy of TU Hamburg-Harburg)
Skin-like tissue preparations are resulting from our biodegradable protein scaffolds when a spiral-shaped rotating bed is colonized by ceratinocytes within a Z® RP Bioreactor. On request we will offer the described implant blanks and other scaffolds.
Spiral-shaped cell carrier made of self-dissolving protein tissue for cultivation of ceratinocytes with the Z® RP Technology

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